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Nairobi burger fest is the one event I wait for with anxiety and excitement. I just love how in that one week you can discover a lot of restaurants in town. This time I discovered Coffee Casa. This Casa is a modern coffee shop, eatery and bar. I love the concept and its location is perfectly placed.

It is on 3rd avenue Parklands, next to the Aga Khan Hospital and in Doctors park building mezzanine floor.

That’s how memorable it was for me. I remember that week was my birthday week and I had exams, so for my actual birthday I did my exams and went home and slept. I was meant to go with my twin brother for dinner at coffee casa that night but it didn’t work out, so the next day I decided to go by myself.

It was a great experience, from the way I was welcomed in, to when I was leaving. A friend of mine joined me and he had totally no idea of this place yet he worked literally a building away from the Coffee Casa. 😀

On entering the first thing you notice is the decor and high ceilings, the chairs and how they have made the space its own. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, there is an outside space where the bar is and more seating space. I moved from the inside to outside, I wanted to take it all in. A very romantic pathway leads to the bar area and the seating is amazing. It makes you feel like staying there till they close down.

For my burger fest option, I ordered the prime chicken burger and lawd was it prime. The breast patty is so big and the bread is soft with a nicely glazed crust, when you bite in, it feels like an in explainable illusion. It came with french fries and a side of salad. If you want any more reason to go, i’d give you this…the wine is amazing and a good amount.


You know how you go to a bar and order a glass of wine, when it comes through it looks like a measuring glass? (I literally get offended with establishments that do not have proper glassware) well, there is nothing of that sort at the Casa, chile. They have proper glassware and the service is excellent.

I will definetly be going back to the casa for more of that comfortable relaxing and satisfactory service. Thank you Coffee Casa for a great experience, keep up the good work!


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