How to make Kaimati (sweet dumplings)

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October 31, 2018

Kaimati are just something magical and when in the Coast you have to try them. For me that wasn’t an option, i had to try them and learn how to make them. Most families in Nairobi (hapo bara lol) make kaimati almost every day without really knowing they are actually kaimati. They refer to them as drop scones. Well, hunny, them drop scones are also known as kaimati.

I must say Watamu was a really great experience for me especially the learning of little kitchen tricks and also the culture and way of cooking from the Giriama community living there. So, before i dive into the whole watamu experience, lets learn something. Sindio?

Kaimati (Yields 10 pieces)


250g Baking flour

1 small teaspoon salt

1 small teaspoon sugar

1 small teaspoon yeast

100ml Water/Milk

1 small teaspoon desiccated coconut (optional)

Cooking oil


Mix the water/milk with sugar and yeast and let it seat for a minute or two (for the yeast to react on the sugar, this helps the dough to rise well when cooking). On a separate bowl, mix the baking flour with salt and desiccated coconut.

Mix the two mixtures together into a smooth thick paste-like consistency. You may add water/milk in case it is too little (a little adjusting doesn’t hurt, plus the mixture should be thick like carrot cake batter, but thicker. Yani, its so thick, if you added a handful of flour it will now be chapati dough, yes that thick).

Heat oil and using a big or a small spoon (according to the size you want) slowly drop the amount into the hot oil and cook until it has risen and golden brown in color.



150ml water

80g sugar



Heat the sugar and water mixture in a big pan until it becomes a saucy and thick syrup, then pour in the cooked kaimati and toss with the pan still over the fire until the syrup starts to form crystal on the kaimati. (do not panic just keep tossing and DO NOT use a spoon. Trust the process, you’re on the right track)

Let them cool slightly and serve warm.



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