Ciao Amici Miei

Prosciutto e Funghi Pan Pizza and a bunch of Lessons
November 5, 2018

Ciao amici miei, for those that follow me on Instagram already know how i loved this restaurant during my stay at Watamu. It was the first restaurant i was introduced to by my friend. If you’re reading this friend, thanks a lot. I fell in love with the old Italian vibe i got from the decor. The lighting was perfect at night, seating was both coast and Italian feel.

I loved their pizzas, i used to even order for delivery. Amici Miei stands for My friends and indeed when you visited the restaurant, you felt like you were part of the squad.  Amici miei is the restaurant part of Mawimbi lodge which is uber cute. The rooms are very affordable, the lodge is in the safest area (though the whole of watamu is safe 🙂 ), busiest street and also close to the beach.

The best pizza i had was the prosciutto e funghi which i loved especially cause of the ham they used. Everything was perfect about that pizza and the crust, oh lawd don’t get me started on that. It was soft, crunchy and tasty and not your ordinary thick pizza. If you really want to enjoy a good holiday, i truly suggest Watamu.

Amici miei is also known for their gelato. Oh gosh, i’m reliving this moment as i write. They have insane flavors, and you can choose from both cone or cup option. Damn, i wanna go back right now lol, my go to was always nougat and i think one of the waiters noticed every time i visited the place 🙂

I had a blast every time i visited this restaurant. The music selection is just out of this world, the soft rnb melodies to contemporary pop music, you will truly enjoy your meal in this serene environment.

Another thing i really enjoyed at the restaurant was their English breakfast. It is very affordable and filling. I went with a friend of mine for breakfast after traveling back to Watamu, it was a breathe of fresh air and it just felt right, relaxed and stress free. The service is everything at Amici miei and the next time you are in Watamu, make sure it is one of the places you visit. I know i will for sure.

To find out more about their rates and restaurant visit Mawimbi lodge , Prego! 🙂

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